How Peer Listening Works...

1Find someone

Search our community to find a good listening partner. Read ratings and reviews before committing to a session.

2Speak for 3 minutes

Get the attention you need. Let it out, share a story, unwind, dream, think something through.

When done, rate your partner.

3Listen for 3 minutes

Listen. Really listen. It's easy and it feels great to help someone.

Afterward, your partner will rate you.

You're in charge

Only talk with other women? No problem. Only partner with experienced listeners? No problem. Just Listen is a safe place where you have total control over your sessions.

Like a phone call

Just Listen is voice-only, like a phone call. There is no video. No one will see how you look or where you are.


Our community rules forbid anyone from requesting or disclosing personal information in a session. We never disclose your name, phone number, email, or any personally identifiable information to other users or companies.